Change Adopt's approach is centred on the people side of technology adoption. This doesn't just relate to the fact we put together change management led, adoption strategies but rather we utilise a deep understanding of the neuroscience behind how our brains work and the psychologies relating to how we receive, process and successfully commit information to our long term memories, creating new life long skills.

Our core belief is that all technologies are there to support human endeavour. In fact technologies are nothing without people. Change Adopt exist to enable organisations and their users get the very best from the technology they invest in, creating a sustainable change and adoption platform, starting with Microsoft technologies.

It is our experience that the vast majority of organisations are not getting the most from their investment in technology and that the capability of the software at the finger tips of most users is not exploited and so the potential productivity gains and efficiencies promised at purchase go unrealised.

Change Adopt has created bespoke methodologies, based on years of customer experience, to translate the objectives of the organisation through the engagement and empowerment of users, providing key management reporting and insights feeding constant improvement.