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World Class Content

We are constantly monitoring the global usage and consumption of learning materials across all users on the QuickHelp platform. This intelligence, combined with the improvement demonstrated by users, continually informs how we create and improve content.

Key Content Facts:

  • Subject matter expert led events
  • +4000 Video tutorials
  • Individualised learning journeys
  • Constantly updated content
  • 60+ personnel dedicated to managing and producing content
  • Upload your own content


Device Optimisation >

Anywhere, Anytime Learning...

Device optimisation enables learning any place, anytime, anywhere. The devices can come in any shape and form, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Our platform works right across multiplatform making it very versatile to use for the workforce in the field or in the office.


Insights >

Go beyond reporting with insights...

Management reporting is key to understanding the efficiency of the Change Adopt service, however, it's through insights delivered in our QuickHelp Reports that real value is discovered.


Our Pathways >

Individual Learning Pathways

In order for users to want to utilise the learning material it must be relevant to each individual based on:

  • Role type
  • Applications used regularly
  • Capability level
  • How they work i.e. remote, mobile, desk based
  • Areas of interest

One size does not fit all!

This intelligence is combined with organisational priorities and the content then assigned to users to meet both the business and individual needs of the users.


Management Reporting >

Monitoring directly from your O365 tenany, demonstrating the utilisation of O365 combined with the consumption of learning content

  • Monitor utilisation of major applications
  • Companywide, groups, departments, individual user reporting
  • Most viewed: Events, Assets, Skills paths, User journeys & Gamification
  • Filter software utilisation by active/non active learners
  • A view of your current licensing