Infographic - Microsoft Teams - The Results of Change Management Led User Adoption

Microsoft Teams - The Impact and Results of Change Management Led, User Adoption

In order to successfully drive the adoption of Microsoft Teams it is vital to utilise the key principles of 'change management'. The Infographic provided demonstrates the powerful impact that can be achieved when the appropriate care and processes are applied, taking users on a journey that positions 'why' the implementation is happening, how this change will positvely affect the working lives of each individual across the organisation and enabling them with the ability and support to utilise the technology. 

Furthermore this Infographic represents the sorts of measures that can and should be applied to insure the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams, these include:

  • Quantifiable productivity gains
  • Qualitative user feedback
  • The impact on Microsoft Teams application utilisation
  • User perception
  • User understanding

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Microsoft Teams - The Impact of Change Management Led User Adoption

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