Industry Research - The Guide to Adopting Microsoft Technologies

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Thank you for taking the time to view the video below, within this short video we are to explain our industrywide research, the purpose of it, how you can help and what you get from being part of the programme. 

Our Research

We are at a point in history where technology and the capabilities that it affords us grossly out strips its 'real world' application. Billions of dollars are spent by organisations like Microsoft on research and development of platforms that are designed to 'empower each person and organisation to do more' but from our experience the vast majority of organisations and users are scratching the surface in the use of the varied and ever-changing features and functions available to them. 

The knock-on effect of this being that ROI is incredibly difficult to achieve and the simple reality is that most organisations do not achieve the potential cost savings, productivity gains and efficiencies that the application of the software should and could deliver.

What Do We Hope to Achieve?

There are 3 main goals we are hoping to achieve via this research:

  1.  To identify the key challenges that impinge on organisations adopting technologies
  2.  To identify what works well based on real world experience 
  3.  The publication of an industry led 'guide to best practice adoption' 

What You Get From Being Involved?

  • You will be credited for your involvement in the publication with full sign off of any quotes that are subsequently used
  • You will receive an early addition of the research ahead of the wider market 

If you can spend 30 mins with us and provide your take on the positives and negatives you have seen with regard to technology adoption, we would very much appreciate your time please contact

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